Version 2.0 - UI to interactively select cert

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Updated: Nov 30, 2008 by MikeSL
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Release Notes

This is subject to change, but at this point I'm thinking that adding a UI would be cool, to allow the user to interactively select an existing EFS cert.

Additional ideas include:
- only showing those certs that are valid according to the current configuration (e.g. command-line parameters)
- not showing the UI if only one valid EFS cert (or one valid EFS cert in addition to the currently-configured cert) is found
- providing some additional feedback for the user to indicate which cert is suggested (e.g. highlighting the one(s) that matches the current configuration)
- providing a button to enable the user to kick off the autoenrollment engine (whether or not a valid cert was found)

This is all wild speculation and far-out in planning, but these are some of the ideas I'm considering.