Move the trace logging location from "Local Settings\Application Data" to "Application Data"


On XP there's no env variable for %LOCALAPPDATA% (like there is on Vista).  That makes describing the path to the current log file location more of a pain than I'd like.
As well, it occurs to me that there's just as good a reason for having the log file stored in %APPDATA% as "Local Settings\Application Data": since the EFS cert config (and keys) migrate from PC to PC with a user's profile, why shouldn't the log file that details how the EFS cert config has been modified?  Plus, it's generally a tiny log file (3-5 KB) so it's hardly going to affect the replication time of a roaming user profile (which is the usual reason to prefer %LOCALAPPDATA% over %APPDATA%).
Closed Nov 30, 2008 at 3:24 AM by MikeSL


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Renamed the related variables as well.

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Resolved with changeset 24551.

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